Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Christmas Tree Pallet

  I wasn't sure if this would be an epic fail or win.  The Christmas tree made from pallets is going viral. I am sure you have seen the post I speak of. 
Here is my take on a Christmas Tree pallet.
I started off with a pallet and kinda gauged where I wanted to cut.  I knew I wanted some of the nails and or nail holes to be present on my tree.  Added rustic look!  So I cut and placed the 'branches' in the order I wanted.  I used a stake I had laying around, however, I wouldn't use a brand new one again.. It needs to be 'roughed up' to go with the pallets.. Unless you are using a brand new pallet.

I then took some scrapbook paper and mod podged it onto the pallet.  I did let this set over night.  If I were to do this again, I would for sure make the paper fit the 'branch' .. not just the 12 inches in length the paper is.  The morning after, I took my sander and  roughed up the scrapbook paper a bit.  I didn't want it to be perfect. 

For my other branches I took some acrylic paint and just randomly painted with a bunched up paper towel. Again, I wasn't going for a 'perfect' look.  I wanted to be a bit messy and primitive if you will. You can make the tree any color you wish.. I'm a purple fan to the extreme, so I did purple.

After I the paint dried, I put a thick layer of mod podge over every part of the tree.  The paint dries quick as you only put a thin layer .. Unless you do thick painting.
I added some buttons and a star that I scuffed some paint up.  Screwed it all onto my stake and there you have it!  I did paint over the stake.  As I said earlier, it was too new looking.  I'd stain it or just get some wood that looks used next time.

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