Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thank you box card

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by today.  When I said before, that box cards would be my go to.. I wasn't joking!
My Dad and Step Mom had over 10 Monarch Butterflies hatch this year.  This was a childhood event we always did as I grew up.  I was thrilled to hear my Dad found some caterpillars this year.  If you have never experienced this part of life, it's amazing and I definitely recommend you do this some fall.
So, when I created this card I knew I wanted Monarch Butterflies and I also needed to send them a Thank you for everything they do for me.
I started off going through my collection and my go to sets are always from Heartfelt Creations.  I adore these sets (any of them) and low and behold.. the Butterfly Medley was PERFECT!.
I started my box card following the directions I previously had followed.  I found a stellar tutorial on YouTube and wrote all of her exact measurements down.  It comes out perfectly each time I make this style of card.
As I assembled this card, the paper was way to plain for my liking.  I took a large stamp from a collection and stamped white on what I wanted to show.  Since I already had the cardstock glued down, I had to lay the section and press on the stamp to give it the stamped image.  I was ok with whatever came out.  I really didn't want a 'perfect' image..  It turned out fabulous!!  I stamped the large back panel as well.  I was still able to write my sentiment as I made this stamped image as light as I could.
I stamped the butterfly medley (using the MISTI tool) and embossed with clear powder. It was then time to color my butterflies to resemble Monarch's.  I used my Zig Brush markers.  I absolutely love these markers.  I never claim to be a color professional, but I do like the outcome with these markers.

Behind all of these beautiful butterflies, I wanted some sort of flower to be in the background.  When all of the butterflies were hatching, I was away and so my Dad sent me pictures of each butterfly on a flower.  So I wanted to incorporate a flower of some sort.
I used the perfect stamp and colored again with my Zig Brush Markers.  I tried my best to use the ink where I wanted it most.  I then embossed to make the coloring a bit easier.

I attached the butterflies using transparency film.  I wanted them to 'sway' a little so this works perfect.  I put dabs of liquid pearls (Opal White) on the wings of the butterflies to resemble Monarchs.
This card turned out incredible.  Purple is my favorite color, so of course I thought it was near perfection. LOL!  I used some liquid pearls for the buds in the flowers.  The purple I had colored with mixed with the white opal I put down.  It turned out ok, however I'd wait longer for the Zig's to dry next time. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed this Monarch Butterfly card.

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