Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Because of the Brave

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In a Facebook group I belong to, they were sharing these rolled flowers made from Cricut Design Space.. So needless to say I went to design space and started to play.  It took a few trial and error flowers to get the hang of it.
This will be your starting flower.  There are many different flowers to choose from.  For my shadow box, I chose to use 8 inch flowers.  They roll up into a nice size for the shadow box.
The end of your flower where you glue to secure it together was not large enough for my liking, so I got out my Creative Memories circle punch and cut circles to adhere to the base of the flower.
I let my flowers fluff out a bit.  I didn't want them tight looking from rolling.  I just found a way to hold it and let it unravel a bit.  Once I had it to where I wanted I placed a bit of hot glue to secure the outside of the flower.  I then pushed the flower up so that the base stuck out a bit and placed hot glue all over.  I then set it on the round circle I had punched out and pressed down lightly.  If you have any unglued portions just place a bit of glue.  Watch those fingers!  You might walk away with some battle marks LOL.
I used a 9x9 shadow box that I purchased at Michaels.  This is a very nice size.  They sell larger or smaller. So just make flowers and see what looks best. 
I placed a gem on each of the blue flowers for the stars.  Glued down the flowers and placed the top of the shadow box on.  I then went to my Cricut and cut out Because of the Brave in white vinyl. 
It looks so amazing in person..   I hope you will give the rolled flowers a try! 
Happy Crafting