Monday, February 29, 2016

Easter Centerpiece

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So normally when something catches my eye, I go for it and make it.  When someone tags me in a post several times on Facebook.. that means game on for a challenge.  I love to challenge myself to see if I can create the viral post. 
This past weekend I gathered my supplies. 
Half circle floral styrofoam
Floral pins
Bright colored mesh (10 inch works best)
Bright colors of ribbon
Bunny ears
Eggs on a stick
Hot glue gun and refills
Anything else you may want to include.  The above list is what I chose to use.  You may not want to use tubing.. or maybe you don't have tons of mesh.. Just do what you want!
I started with my half circle styrofoam and placed my bunny ears about where I wanted them.  I stuck them down into the styrofoam and later ended up a bit for more height.
I mostly use 21 inch mesh so that is what I had on hand and used.  Once I had my curlie cut, I cut off the ends about 4 inches.  If you have 10 inch you do not need to do this part..

If you have or are buying supplies, I'd use 10 inch .  When you cut the mesh you don't want those mesh stranglers at the ends.. you want the curlies to look nice.. I know I use real technical terms.. LOL.  I rarely measure but if I were guessing cut 4-5 inch wide for your curlie. Then roll the mesh (not making it too tight).  I found it easier to have my pin in the end of my mesh and then Place a bit of hot glue on the styrofoam and then the mesh with the push pin.. You WILL burn your fingers.. so be super careful!  I put one more little dab of glue on top of the pin.  Keep cutting an placing the mesh where you think.  You want it to be pretty full of mesh before you start adding in ribbon or tubing.
Once you have the mesh in the places you prefer, stat placing your ribbon and tubing.  This was very random for me and not a method to my madness.  I then took my eggs on a stick and again randomly stuck these in.
That's all she wrote for this adorable Easter centerpiece.  It's a very easy decoration.. However it did take me quite a bit of time!
Let me know  if you have any questions. 
Happy Crafting!

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