Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Tree from stakes

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Today I want to share a Christmas Tree that I made from stakes.  I may have raided my husbands stash of stakes to make these, LOL. 
I cut my desired lengths for the branches.  I then laid them out and cut the main trunk to the length I needed.  I did no measuring.. I really was not striving to be perfect as I wanted it to look not perfect.. if that makes sense. 
I painted the stakes and after it was dry I took a piece of sandpaper to each branch and the trunk.  Again, I wanted it to look a bit 'rustic' and not perfect.   
The first one I made, I did not put glue on before nailing and what a mistake that was.. on the 2 following I did put some E6000 glue down and then nailed.  The branches are now secure.. very secure.
I then used my cricut explore air to cut out the words for each branch.  I wanted the words to grow in size with each branch.  I found the general idea for these on pinterest.. However, if you want you could google Christmas words with how ever many letters you are looking for.  I then placed the vinyl onto the stakes. 
I had some ribbon and twine laying around so I used bells and small ornaments I had to hang on the branches.  Put a dab of hot glue on the back side of the branch so they stay in place.
This particular tree I did not mod podge over, but the other two I made I am giving away so I did mod podge so the vinyl would never come off.  That is totally optional. 
I hope this may has inspired you to get some wood pieces out with some power tools and create!  Have fun

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