Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to document your Color Run experience

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Did you just complete your FUN Color Run experience and want to display it in a fun way??   If so, you only need to gather a few items.
A shadow box.  I purchased mine at AC Moore ($10)
Push Pins or Straight Pins (I wanted mine to match so I purchased colored straight pins)  You could also use what you have on hand
All of your memorabilia (If you want to display pictures be sure to have these printed out.
I laid out all of my items and placed them where I thought they'd look nice.  I rearranged a few times and also I had misplaced my bracelet so I had to leave a spot for that (Eventually it turned up). My selfie photo is horrible, but I had just been blasted with color and took the selfie. LOL
If you'd like to use your tutu to display.. unfortunately you will be cutting it.  Only use the tutu if you don't want to use it again.. I had washed mine on a low setting after the FUN so mine was not reusable. 
After I had everything in place I took my straight pins and started to pin away.  One thing from scrapbooking I learned to keep anything I do.. You never know when you'll want to create a memento with those items.. maps from where you traveled.. programs from your kids play..  If you go somewhere special. save the receipt ..  A concert.. save the ticket!  Anything and everything I save!!  Save it so you can create a memento long after the moment has passed.
Maybe you want to do a Color Run near you?!?!?!  Do IT!!  It's not like a 'serious' 5k.  Now you can be serious about it, but it is more the have fun kind of 5k.  Gather some girlfriends and go have fun!!  You won't regret it.  P.S.  if you are taking your cell phone, be SURE to have it in a plastic bag.. it will get ruined by color :)
Have a great day and save save those memories forever!

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